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Tax Payment Made Easy As Taxpayers Can Now Import Their W2 Form Using Turbo Tax 2018/2019

Turbo Tax Simplifies And Organize The Tax Payment System For Taxpayers Through W2 Form Importation

August 13, 2018 – Turbo Tax, a reliable online Tax Information Company has officially announced the release and continuous use of its W2 Form Importation—a new tax form documentation system that enables taxpayers to import their W2 form directly from their employers and straight into their tax return. TurboTax has been offering this service on a regular basis. To successfully import the W2 Form, a taxpayer must ensure that the employer had already installed the Turbo Tax Import Partner. Turbo Tax made it possible for taxpayers to enter their EIN – Employer Identification Number – into the system, and the process will automatically be determined. Turbo Tax also provides another alternative which allows the taxpayer to use the Turbo Tax Mobile App to take a photo of the W2 or simply enter the EIN directly should it be that the EIN wasn’t recognized.

Importing the W2 Form is very easy and quick. The TurboTax W2 importation process starts by signing in into the Turbo Tax platform, and this is followed by clicking the “take me to my return button.”The search feature is located at the upper right and there the user can type in the code ‘W-2’, which should be in lower case letters. Then press ‘Jump to’ for the search result to appear. After that, the Turbo Tax Import system will open the W2 form screen from where the user can make any changes to the current W-2, as well adding a new one to the platform.

The unique thing about the TurboTax W-2 Import Platform is that it is not just a full, fledged online digitized system, but one that also allows users to manually enter their W-2 Forms. This means skipping the importation process and continuing on with the last step without entering the EIN. This process will take the user to the W-2 screen where lies the option of entering the information in manual mode.

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